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Leadership / Management Development

Are you ready for the new leadership paradigm occurring right now?

Leaders today are required to understand many aspects of the organization. They can no longer rely solely on their own expertise and knowledge. They must understand their organization and the people that affect business results – not just their direct reports. The power that leaders have in business is about understanding and managing the informal networks that people develop in the workplace. How influential are they as leaders in these networks?

Leadership and management development are terms that are often used interchangeably but they are different. Leaders do the right thing and Managers do things the right way. The development process is unique to the organization and the individual involved. We do not provide the latest fad or use only one leadership style/model but we do rely on research and science to support our methods. Leadership development can be used to help identify future leaders and to strengthen existing leaders or leadership teams.

Leadership Development to build Leaders that others want to follow

Organizations today are finding they can move their budget dollars from their training budgets to spend wisely and purposely into developing leaders individually with specialized programs that meet the needs of the leader. Seity will work with your organization and the leader to design a program that meets your needs. We offer flexibility, not a defined structure. We know how to monitor progress and include business examples and scenarios that the leader is experiencing that make it real for the leader to use and apply immediately and learn from as he/she receives feedback about their style and as a leader.

What makes our leadership development process different?

We focus on the person and the organization. Seity means ‘something unique about an individual or idea’. Training is a technique or content. Development focuses on the person – Seity focuses on the person. We offer methods that have a ‘stickiness factor’.

Our process works toward goals and objectives to meet achievements going forward and not just cross something off a list. Does it mean the person can really change? It is up to them – behavior can change with focus, dedication, and attention. That is what development means – it focuses on the person and educates the person to provide a catalyst for growth and maximize their potential.

Seity focuses on the leader’s effectiveness and performance to provide solutions and expand their influence while exploring some of their unknowns so they can move beyond their comfort zones and expand their horizons and become critical thinkers. They will be open to others ideas and not feel compelled to have all the answers. The process helps them become better listeners and communicators and learn how to extend and develop trust as leaders.

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