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Organizational Network Analysis

Seity Insight—Knowledge Ēxperience and Skills (KĒS) Network Analysis™

KĒS—aka Organization Network Analysis (ONA) or Social Network Analysis (SNA)—employs both macro- and microanalysis to give you a complete systems view of the workplace. The process is easy-to-use and requires only minimal employee time commitment of about fifteen minutes.

When you implement KĒS to map your organization’s unique emerging networks, you reveal the root cause of what’s happening in your business. Expect proven results like these, as reported from actual clients:

  • Savings of $3 million in retention and rehiring
  • Decrease in turnover from 17% to nearly 0% in two years
  • 50% reduction in merger integration costs
  • Increase in employee engagement of 35% – direct impact to productivity/revenue
  • Faster acceptance of change initiatives and improved efficiency of business processes
  • Identification of organization resiliency percentage

The data gathered in the analysisis valuable for up to a year after the process, and can facilitate the following powerful benefits to your organization:

  • Accelerate mergers and acquisitions, and secure successful change initiatives
  • Increase employee collaboration, trust and communication, and create more profitable customer relationships
  • Lower restructuring/change/integration time and costs
  • Facilitate “right-sizing:” helping you to develop and retain top talent and critical know-how, and to develop effective teams
  • Objective succession planning
  • Creates an organization roadmap for tactical and strategic planning
  • Objective measure of organization changes (baseline)


Employee involvement limited to 10-20 minutes – online access

Seity contribution

Client contribution

Employee time


Your involvement and value

You may expect rich information and powerful insights through:

  • Minimal employee time—easy, automated online access takes only about 15 minutes for each employee
  • A high-touch, easy-to-use, and low-involvement process, giving you access to critical information
  • A complete systems view: providing the ability to understand the entire organization and what’s going on at the management level and with individual contributors
  • Identification of the top 10% of key people who influence your organization